Effective Instruction: Creating a Rich Math Experience

Effective Instruction: Creating a Rich Math Experience

50 minutes Watch Webinar

How can students go beyond memorization to build deep conceptual understanding of mathematics? In this webinar, we'll highlight a learner-centered approach that engages students with various problem types and strategies to help them access prior knowledge and make connections.

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Sandy Bartle Finocchi

Senior Academic Officer

Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Sandy joined Carnegie Learning in August, 2000 after spending 14 years as a high school mathematics teacher, department chair, and coach. Sandy began her career at Carnegie Learning as a Manager of School Partnerships, where she used her background in mathematics education and curriculum to inform and educate teachers on the benefits of using the Carnegie Learning materials in their classroom. She went on to become a Regional Account Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region, Eastern Regional Director of Sales, and VP of Educational Services. As Senior Academic Officer, she ensures that the best of academic research on teaching and learning theory is directly applied to the needs of teachers.