The Making of MATHia X: the Best Math in the Galaxy

The Making of MATHia X: the Best Math in the Galaxy

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Join us to learn about the research and instructional design behind the most powerful differentiated math instruction available, MATHia X! Hear cognitive scientists and fellow educators share how MATHia X helps students of all skill levels reach proficiency in math. Out-of-this-world achievement is possible for your students next year!


Dr Steve Ritter

Chief Product Architect

Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Steven Ritter, Founder and Chief Scientist at Carnegie Learning, has been developing and evaluating educational systems for over 20 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and was instrumental in the development and evaluation of Cognitive Tutors for mathematics. Through leadership of the research department, Dr. Ritter has led many improvements to the use of adaptive learning systems and math education in real-world settings. He is the author of numerous papers on the design, architecture and evaluation of Intelligent Tutoring Systems. He is lead author of an evaluation judged by the US Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse as fully meeting their standards and is lead author of a "Best Paper" at the International Conference on Educational Data Mining.

Sandy Bartle Finocchi

Senior Academic Officer

Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Sandy joined Carnegie Learning in August, 2000 after spending 14 years as a high school mathematics teacher, department chair, and coach. Sandy began her career at Carnegie Learning as a Manager of School Partnerships, where she used her background in mathematics education and curriculum to inform and educate teachers on the benefits of using the Carnegie Learning materials in their classroom. She went on to become a Regional Account Manager for the Mid-Atlantic region, Eastern Regional Director of Sales, and VP of Educational Services. Sandy embodies the Carnegie Learning Way, believing that all students are capable of becoming strong, confident math learners. That passion drives everything she does, from developing curriculum to working alongside teachers in the classroom. As Carnegie Learning's Senior Academic Officer, Sandy leads an instructional design team that leverages the best of academic research on teaching and learning theory to create the world's best math curriculum.

Peter LaCasse

Head of Product

Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Peter is an educator with over 15 years of strategy, education, and product development experience. He led the redesign of a university, built new programs, designed curriculum, and worked within the classroom. At Carnegie Learning, the Product Management Team supports the development of amazing student- and teacher-focused math products and services.

Sara Kozelnik

Product Manager

Carnegie Learning, Inc.