Implementation Support

Partner with Carnegie Learning to develop a professional learning plan that fits your district or schools’ specific needs drawing on the wealth of sessions available. From implementation workshops and demonstration lesson sessions to live and online training, our training will improve instructional practice and ease implementation of Carnegie Learning math curricula.

Initial Implementation Workshop

Up to 25 teachers and coaches

Get teachers up and running with Carnegie Learning curricula as they experience the research-based instructional model, become familiar with teacher and students materials, and begin to learn how to effectively use data to differentiate instruction to student need.

Schedule: Delivered as a three-day workshop of those schools using a blended implementation of textbook/software; as a two-day workshop for textbook only implementation, and as a one-day workshop for software only implementation.

In-Classroom Support/Coaching

1:1 or teacher small groups

Develop effective teaching practices through side-by-side coaching and modeling that takes place in the classroom. Carnegie Learning’s team will build relationships with school leaders and teachers as they help guide practices that raise teacher effectiveness and student achievement in collaborative math classrooms.

Schedule: Recommended as 10 sessions per year which may include consultation in a variety of ways including on-site coaching and modeling, planning sessions, conferences, and other formal and informal professional learning support.

Demonstration Lesson Cycle

1:1 or teacher small groups

Improve instructional practices with a two-day demonstration lesson cycle. Carnegie Learning will spend day 1 observing the participating classroom and on day 2 will deliver up to two demonstration lessons alone or co-taught with participating teacher.

Schedule: Delivered as a two-day cycle. Day 1 school visit to observe/plan with participating teacher/classroom. Day 2 is delivery of lesson model.

Customized Professional Development

Up to 25 teachers per session

Partner with Carnegie Learning to develop a professional learning plan that meets the specific learning needs of your teachers and school leaders. Together with you, Carnegie Learning math experts will help:

  • Transition teachers to a successful instruction using the CCSS and Standards for Mathematical Practices
  • Collect and analyze summative and formative assessment data to make instructional changes that improve teaching and learning
  • Plan instructional units
  • Create pacing guides, curriculum alignments, and custom software curriculum sequences
  • Use data for short term and long term planning aligned to school improvement goals

Schedule: Flexible work sessions scheduled to fit school schedules.

Online Professional Development

Individual online learning for teachers and leaders. 

Carnegie Learning delivers flexible, on-demand, just-in-time learning through interactive content and videos that make teachers more successful with Carnegie Learning curricula.

Schedule: Recommended as ongoing online access annually for the fullest, most flexible on-demand online learning experience.

Live, Online Training

Designed for software-only implementations. Teacher small group learning.

Accelerates successful use of Carnegie Learning curricula via live online customized sessions featuring a live software demonstration; Teacher’s Toolkit walkthrough, and an interactive discussion around best practices to ensure the most effective software implementation.

Schedule: Recommended for 2-8 participants.

Building Capacity Workshop: Train the Trainer

District/school math coaches, math leaders, and math coordinators supporting Carnegie Learning implementations. Up to 25 participants will be certified as trainers to continue supporting teachers with research-based teaching strategies.

Build the long term capacity for continued math achievement by identifying, training, and certifying leaders who can support teachers as they continue and expand use of Carnegie Learning math curricula.

Schedule: Recommended for year 2 or 3 of your Carnegie Learning math implementation.

Teaching Excellence Institute

All math educators and administrators

Provide professional growth for educators as they:

  • Experience rigorous professional development that deepens their understanding of mathematics
  • Learn how to create a successful, student-centered, standards-based classroom
  • Practice using the tools needed to monitor and sustain a successful Carnegie Learning math implementation
  • Develop a network of colleagues to share best practices and innovative classroom ideas

Schedule: Four-day professional learning institute delivered on-site at your district.

Within the Teaching Excellence Institute, Carnegie Learning offers the Advanced Educator Workshop. This is an intensive track designed to certify building and district leaders in the ongoing support of Carnegie Learning curricula featuring a week-long workshop and engaging keynotes.

Family Math Night Consultation

Math leaders and teachers

Supports your teachers as they create a Family Math Night that brings parents and the community together in your school to showcase Carnegie Learning’s individualized learning through the math consumable textbooks/worktexts and software. 

Schedule: We recommend a phone or in-person consultation to play the Family Math Night with a consultant on-site during the event to present and/or facilitate a classroom or lab setting.