Leadership Support

Discover the professional learning parnerships that best fit your district and school needs. The offerings below are designed for district or school leadership teams and key stakeholders.  

Leadership Workshops

Prepare individual or a small group of building leaders to sustain effective, long- term use of Carnegie Learning math curricula as they understand the Carnegie Learning research base; develop an implementation plan and set goals to support teachers and students; and review use of the Carnegie Learning Standards-based Implementation Rubric to guide best practices in mathematics instruction.

Schedule: We recommend one or more 3-hour sessions.

Leadership Status Meetings

Create a consistent and frequent chance for stakeholder communication focused on data driven decision making. Carnegie Learning can facilitate status meetings with your leadership team using ongoing data review aligned to a Theory of Action to ensure the most effective planning and use of the Carnegie Learning curricula and professional learning to improve teaching and learning. 

Schedule: Individually scheduled meetings with district and/or school leadership team.

School Improvement Research

Work with Carnegie Learning to develop a deep understanding of school, class, and individual student needs. The Carnegie Learning Research Team partners with your district or school to conduct year-round planning and deep evaluation of second-by-second student interaction with our software that can be used to create individualized learning plans by teacher, student, or demographic group.

Schedule: Customized ongoing research collaboration throughout the school year. Schedules set based on district/school need.

Project Management

Let us help you. Ensure the most effective use of the Carnegie Learning math curricula through project management that supports the planning, organization, and management of your math curricula implementation and professional development to support your success. Our work together includes initiating a school improvement model that is supported through five leadership status meetings and guides progress monitoring and communication throughout the math implementation.

Schedule: Customized annual commitment with a school or district.

Online Professional Development

Individual online learning for leaders.

Carnegie Learning delivers flexible, on-demand, just-in-time learning through interactive content and videos that make teachers more successful with Carnegie Learning curricula.

Schedule: Recommended as ongoing online access annually for the fullest, most flexible on-demand online learning experience.