Web-Based Software

For Students, Grades 6-12

Imagine a math teacher who can give each student 100% of his or her attention, provide feedback as students work through problems, and give hints to help guide the students in the right direction, all the while taking detailed notes on how long it took each student to answer the problem as well as what steps were taken to get the answer. What if every teacher could take it one step further and be able to assess how students transfer that knowledge to the next section? That is the power of Carnegie Learning MATHia X and Cognitive Tutor® software.

Software Overview

MATHia and Cognitive Tutor software for students in grades 6-12 represents an innovative application of technology, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science that identifies strengths and weaknesses in individual student’s mastery of mathematical concepts in order to personalize learning for each student. Read More


Rich mathematics instruction. Continuous, precise assessment. Unprecedented learning outcomes. Grades 6-8 and Algebra I. Read More

Cognitive Tutor

Cognitive Tutor® software for students in grades 9-12 provides each student with a personalized learning path including customized feedback, on-demand hints, and prompts to scaffold instruction and ensure student mastery of critical math skills. Read More