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Fueled by active efficacy research in the field, Carnegie Learning math curricula provides teachers and students with the highest quality instructional materials available.

RAND Corporation Effectiveness of Cognitive Tutor Blended Curricula Study

The U.S. Department of Education awarded the RAND Corporation a $6 million grant to study Carnegie Learning Algebra I Blended Curriculum over two years (2007–2009). Participating schools were randomly assigned to either continue with the current algebra curriculum for two years or to adopt Carnegie Learning Algebra I.

Results Indicate Carnegie Learning Nearly Doubles Algebra Learning  

On average, Carnegie Learning Blended Curriculum (software and worktexts) moved students at the 50th percentile to the 58th—nearly double the gains of a typical year’s worth of learning.

Scope of Study
  • Over 18,000 students in 147 schools throughout 7 states (AL,CT,KY,LA,MI,NJ,TX).
  • Schools were randomly assigned to the control or experimental group.
  • RAND researchers used “intent-to-treat-analysis”; schools did not receive extra assistance to implement the curriculum.

Read the full RAND Corporation report here

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Miami – Dade Public Schools (Miami, FL)

During the 2002–2003 school year, Miami-Dade County Public Schools commissioned an independent research study by the Reliability Group to examine the effectiveness of Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor® software verses conventional curricula.


Students using Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor Software scored significantly better than conventional curriculum students on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The difference was particularly pronounced for ESE students, including those with learning and behavioral difficulties and LEP students. The Reliability Group recommended that Cognitive Tutor Software be made available to all Miami-Dade high school students.

To this day, Carnegie Learning is being utilized at Miami-Dade. 

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