Parent Resources

Support Student Learning at Home

We recognize that learning outside of the classroom is crucial for students to develop a deep understanding of math. We support and encourage your involvement in your child’s mathematical learning and offer convenient ways for parents and caregivers to learn about their child’s math program in order to support student learning at home.   

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Parent and Caregiver Webinars

Live and on-demand webinars designed specifically for parents and caregivers and hosted by Carnegie Learning math and technology experts, help support student learning and use of Carnegie Learning materials at home.  

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The Home Connection in the Resource Center

The Carnegie Learning Resource Center features a Home Connection area for you to explore informational materials about your child's math program and to offer helpful tools to extend learning at home.  

Getting to Know Carnegie Learning Videos

On-demand videos introduce you to the Carnegie Learning textbooks, software, and research-base. Parents and caregivers can use these to review our methodology and materials to learn more about the Carnegie Learning instructional model. 

Carnegie Learning Software Access

For schools using Carnegie Learning MATHia® or Cognitive Tutor® software, the software is available to students to use anytime, anywhere with an internet connection – including at home! Students can work through interactive math lessons customized specifically for their learning needs, independently, or with the help of their parents at home. All work completed outside of the classroom is saved and helps students progress through the program and master math skills.

Additional Math Practice Tools

The Skills Practice worksheets provide additional practice on the skills covered in the worktext lessons. A worked solution is provided for the first problem in each problem set to help you and your child model how to solve the problem. 

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