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Important Update for MATHia X Reports Users

What happened?

Over the last few weeks, we took steps to improve the data that feeds our reports, specifically the APLSE Report and the Student Detail Report. A number of students showed that they were running unusually long session times, which was a direct result of leaving MATHia X open.

To address this issue, we have taken two steps:

1. We implemented a timeout/logout function that notices when a student is inactive for 15 minutes and then auto-logs them out, reverting the session time to their last active step.

2. We are working back through each student’s already logged data and updating the sessions with this same logic.

What will these changes mean for the work students have already done?

You will see a few students workspace times in the Student Detail Report and the APLSE Report scores change. The majority of students scores and times will remain the same. 

What’s next?

Our next release is scheduled for next week and will include the following:

-Improvements to address loading issues, reloading times and areas where freezing occurs
-A new Student Session Report that will enable teachers and administrators to see student activity during a specific period of time

Overall, you will continue to see increased MATHia X functionality and performance throughout 2017. Our plans for next school year are even bigger, including additional content, features and reports. We are excited to share those plans with you soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Last updated: 12/15/16