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Secondary Curricula

Curricula that is scientifically proven to improve student learning.

Carnegie Learning currently offers the following curricula. Each curriculum is available in any of our various solution offerings, including Blended Curricula, Adaptive Math Software Solutions, and Textbook Solutions.

Curricula for the Common Core State Standards

Carnegie Learning Bridge to Algebra
Bridge to Algebra

Our Algebra Readiness curriculum, Carnegie Learning Bridge to Algebra improves a students foundational skills and prepare them for an Algebra I class.

Carnegie Learning Algebra I
Algebra I

Carnegie Learning Algebra I is designed as a first-year Algebra course. Topics include Linear Equations, Quadratic Functions, and Probability.

Carnegie Learning Geometry

Carnegie Learning Geometry enables students to develop a deep understanding of Geometry. The content deepens students’ geometric reasoning skills as they analyze rigid motions, complete formal constructions, and write proofs.

Carnegie Learning Algebra II
Algebra II

Carnegie Learning Algebra II is designed as a second-year Algebra course. The content in this course aligns to a high school math course for Algebra II and End of Course Exam.

Carnegie Learning Integrated Math
Integrated Math I-III

Carnegie Learning Integrated Math I-III is a series made up of three courses that weaves together numeric, algebraic, geometric, and statistical content.