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Secondary Solutions

Is your current curriculum adapting to each student's exact needs? Our software solutions do just that.

Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software SolutionsStudents develop, learn, and master secondary mathematics at different paces, and educators often need to identify supplemental materials that complement their core instruction with the aim to keep students from falling behind or failing a course or exit exam.

All students can achieve proficiency in mathematics with Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software Solutions. Our unique solution provides students with highly individualized and self-paced instruction that meets their exact needs to improve their secondary math skills.

Our supplemental instruction stands apart for strengthening student conceptual understanding of mathematics by integrating adaptive learning technologies, assessment, and rich problem solving activities.

Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software Solutions provides interactive instruction to supplement secondary math courses:

Adaptive Math Software Offerings

Cognitive Tutor Software Titles
Description Bridge to Algebra Algebra I Geometry Algebra II
Carnegie Learning
Adaptive Intervention Solution
Intensive support for struggling students
Yes Yes    
Carnegie Learning
Adaptive Middle School Solution
Provides rich practice and reinforcement. Prepares students to enter and pass Algebra I.
Yes Yes    
Carnegie Learning
Adaptive High School Solution
Provides individualized instruction to supplement core math instruction.
  Yes Yes Yes
Carnegie Learning
Adaptive Secondary Math Solution
Includes all Cognitive Tutor software titles to support student conceptual understanding of math.
Yes Yes Yes Yes

A subscription to Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software Solutions includes:

  • Student License(s) for the Cognitive Tutor software
  • Access to Carnegie Learning Teacher's Toolkit, a simple to use learning management system for enrolling students, monitoring student progress and reporting. Additionally, instructors gain access to the Carnegie Learning Resource Center for materials like correlation documents, pacing guides, community discussions, and more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Students must show mastery of each discrete skill required to solve math problems prior to progressing through the curriculum.
  • Offers continuous, formative assessment throughout curriculum. Also includes summative assessments.
  • Students can view their progress via the Skillometer which motivates them to do their best work and master skills.
  • Offers immediate feedback, positive reinforcement, and help if needed at each step within a problem.
  • Re-sequence units of curricula to complement the core curriculum or provide targeted intervention. Plus automatically generate matching assessment tests.
  • Review Mode offers students the option to review and practice skills prior to exams.
  • Easily generate reports to analyze student progress and plan for adjustments if needed. New administrative reports help identify trends in student software usage.

Please refer to the Cognitive Tutor Software Overview to learn more about our adaptive software. To discuss pricing or learn more about our Adaptive Math packages, please contact a Carnegie Learning sales representative.