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Curricula Proven to Help All Students Succeed in Math

Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software Solutions

Carnegie Learning Blended Math Curricula is different; our combination of task-based math textbooks and engaging Cognitive Tutor software is being used across the country to help secondary students achieve success in math. It's a better way to teach, and a better way to learn. And we have over 20 years of research to prove it. With our help, your students can achieve true mathematical understanding, and they'll actually enjoy doing it.

Please review the following information to learn more about Carnegie Learning Blended Math Curricula. To learn more about the components of our Blended Math Curricula, read our Textbook Overview page and our Cognitive Tutor Overview page. For pricing, please contact us.

Curricula Offerings

Program Features

Our unique approach involves splitting instructional time between student-centered instruction in the classroom and self-paced learning using our adaptive software. Students spend 60% of the time in the classroom using our textbooks in an approach that involves task-based lessons, collaborative learning, and real-world problems and contexts. The remaining 40% of students' time is spent learning via our Cognitive Tutor software, which offers the most precise method for differentiating instruction available.

Implementation Options

  • Core instruction
  • Alternative curricula for at-risk students

For additional questions about pricing or implementation options, please contact a Carnegie Learning sales representative.