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Do you have a plan for School Improvement?
Carnegie Learning can help!

Download Our School Improvement PlanCarnegie Learning understands that School Improvement means change, but we also understand that our curriculum alone won't solve your math problems.

Carnegie Learning is defining the requirements for district partnership through shared accountability

Carnegie Learning teaches math differently AND more effectively. And we GUARANTEE our results. Our curricula and professional services will improve the assessment, teaching, learning, evaluation and reporting of student achievement in math. We guarantee substantial student gains in math or we will refund your money.

Our experience shows that comprehensive reform requires working in partnership with district and building leadership. Our goal is to provide a vision for revolutionizing mathematics teaching and learning and a framework for ensuring transformation. We are currently partnering with schools and districts across the U.S. to bring true mathematics success to their students.

How is the Carnegie Learning curricula different?

  • Cognitive Tutor software delivers ongoing formative assessment and the most precise method of differentiated instruction available
  • Individualized instruction in our curricula is based on cognitive models derived from over 20 years of research on how students think, learn and apply knowledge
  • Problem-solving is presented in a real-world context, focused on developing academic discourse
  • Learning by Doing is the foundation of our instruction

Carnegie Learning Will Partner with You and Support Your Goals for Student and Educator Improvement

We believe in our ability to partner to positively impact math achievement in your school and are committed to partnering with you to engage in this work. Before beginning our work, we will create a theory of action, establish performance benchmarks, and use data to monitor our success.

We believe that your commitment to providing instruction that is targeted to how students learn best, how teachers grow, and how schools change is the key to reversing the culture of failure. We too are accountable to this mission and committed to success in your school.

Over the course of the first year, Carnegie Learning will provide you with a portfolio of resources to guide you in effectively implementing Carnegie Learning curricula, supporting teachers for instructional change, and systematically meeting performance benchmarks for increased student achievement.

For more information, download the School Improvement Plan or contact us today!