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Success Stories

  • Teaching math to English language learners
    Columbus Middle School in Canoga Park serves almost 500 students who are in the process of learning English. The Structured English Immersion Program provides instruction in English with curriculum designed to help students acquire the language they need to meet grade level standards. The middle school purchased Bridge to Algebra with Title I funds for their beginning level English Language Learner students. The curriculum adds structure and a uniform math content that math teachers at Columbus can use with all of their students.

  • Cognitive Tutor students demonstrate lower failure rates than standard algebra curriculum students.
    North High School likes the individualized instruction that the Cognitive Tutor software offers their diverse group of students and believes it engages students so that they learn the math better. Data collected from the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 state ITED test shows that students who participated in Cognitive Tutor Algebra I classes had a lower failure rate than students who took classes with a standard algebra I texts.

  • Carnegie Learning Has a Successful Track Record in Chicago’s Step Up to High School Program
    For three years, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has implemented Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor® Algebra I software as part of its Step Up to High School summer program. Designed to help middle school students who were struggling make a stronger transition to high school, Step Up to High School is a four-week program providing eligible students with personalized instruction and attention five days a week, four hours a day, in high-school level math and reading courses.

  • Carnegie Learning curricula increases math proficiency by 28% over a five year period
    Rigby Junior High School in Idaho began using Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor® in 2000 after reading about Carnegie Learning solutions in an education magazine. They made the decision to purchase, because Carnegie Learning has a new approach that focused on linking math to real world problem scenarios.

  • Carnegie Learning software complements project-based, hands-on teaching philosophy
    New Technology High School in Napa Valley, CA is committed to leading educational reform by preparing students to excel in an information-based, technologically advanced society. In 2005, New Technology High School purchased Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor® Geometry and Algebra I as the preferred software model for mathematics. Teachers and administrators, together identified the Cognitive Tutor as the leading software curricula because it is a hands-on math mastery solution.

  • Teaching special education students to become independent, life-long learners
    Mountain View High School’s mission is to teach students how to think, learn and achieve success on their own. This philosophy led them to select Carnegie Learning’s Bridge to Algebra curricula for their special education students. The software is especially helpful, as it encourages students to be self-directed, self-paced and to use the “hint” button to develop their independent problem-solving skills. Students at Mountain View with various disabilities benefit from learning through multiple modalities, and gain confidence as they progress through the program.

  • Lower level Students Succeeding in both math and reading comprehension
    John A Ferguson Senior High School began using Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor® Algebra I curricula in 2004 when they were searching for an Algebra solution to improve student learning gains using an innovative combined approach of student group work, student presentations, text and software. Teachers at Ferguson Sr. High have noticed student interest and participation in math has improved significantly. They believe students are excelling with Carnegie Learning curricula because it holds their attention and actively involves them in the learning of math concepts.

  • Students learn to become life long learners with Carnegie Learning Algebra I & Geometry curricula
    In 2000, Félix Varela Senior High in Miami-Dade County selected Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor® because it aligned with their school philosophy of a student-centered, relevant, and rigorous curriculum. The objective is to help students perform at high levels and become lifelong learners who will succeed in an ever-changing, multicultural world. Students are self motivated by the Cognitive Tutor programs because they are constantly engaged, both in the classroom and the lab.

  • Maryland High School Assessment math scores rise from 49% to 86%
    As an AYP (Achieving Yearly Progress) failing school, Dundalk Middle School was eligible to purchase the Algebra I curriculum with Title I funds. The Baltimore County School District has since implemented Carnegie Learning's Algebra I curriculum in three Title I middle schools and two high schools, and recently expanded the courses to include Carnegie Learning’s Algebra II software and Bridge to Algebra.

  • A dynamic solution to teaching mathematics to students at all levels
    Jackson Technology Center purchased the Cognitive Tutor Algebra I curriculum because it was the solution to teaching algebra using real world examples while incorporating technology into the math classroom. They desired a program that would excite and actively involve all students in the math they were learning. Jackson Technology Center’s Algebra Classroom consists of a very diverse population from an academic, life skills and social economical environment and the Cognitive Tutor has been able to teach to each student at his or her individual math level with great success. Out of all students using the Cognitive Tutor Algebra I curriculum at Jackson Technology Center, 87% passed the spring 2005 TAKS, compared to only 40% passing for non Cognitive Tutor Students.