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An Overview of the Common Core State Standards Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools

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This webinar will provide an overview of Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools recently developed by a committee led by Bill Bush at the University of Louisville. The set of three tools can assist textbook selection committees, school administrators, and K-12 teachers in the selection of curriculum materials that support implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics. The tools are designed to provide educators with objective measures and information to guide their selection of mathematics curriculum materials based on evidence of the materials’ alignment with the CCSSM including the Standards for Mathematical Practice, grade level content, equity, technology, and assessment.

Please download and review the Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools before joining the live webinar. The CCSSM Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools can be found at



Suzanne Mitchell


Suzanne Mitchell is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and she is also the Program Director for the U. S. Department of Education’s Improving Teacher Quality grant funds for the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. She has served on the NCSM Board of Directors for the past three years as the Southern 2 Regional Director.  Previously, she was a mathematics educator for 40 years in Pulaski County Special School District in Little Rock, Arkansas and also mathematics and science coordinator in the Kansas City, Missouri School District. She is In addition she is the Executive Director of the Arkansas STEM Coalition.

Diane Briars

Past President

Diane J. Briars, is a mathematics education consultant and Co-Director of the Algebra Intensification Project. Previously, she was Mathematics Director for the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Under her leadership, the Pittsburgh Schools made significant progress in increasing student achievement through standards-based curricula, instruction and assessment. She earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education, M.S. and B.S. in Mathematics from Northwestern University and did post-doctoral study in the Psychology Department of Carnegie-Mellon University. She began her career as a secondary mathematics teacher.