At-Home Learning Guide for Math Customers

(Carnegie Learning Middle School and High School Math Solution)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are encouraging schools to collaborate with local health departments to take steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Up-to-date information can be found on the CDC website, including recommendations for how to share information and best practices with parents and guidance on temporary school closures if there are identified cases of COVID-19.

As your committed partner, we are providing this guide to help you plan and prepare for any temporary school closures that would require independent student learning at home. It shares strategies for using the Carnegie Learning Math Solution while students are temporarily out of school.




1. MATHia is the perfect solution for situations where students are required to learn from home.

It is specifically designed for students to learn independently. Its powerful 1-to-1 coaching technology adapts to give students exactly what they need at any given moment so they can still make progress on your class goals while school is not in session.

MATHia constantly provides personalized feedback and instruction for every student, including just-in-time feedback specific to a student’s entry. Additionally, problem-specific guidance and teaching hints are available when students need assistance. MATHia also provides real-time progress feedback, so students always know which concepts and skills they’ve mastered. This information is reflected on each student’s landing page, as well as through the Progress Bar, a real-time dashboard that displays their progress on critical math skills. 


Tips to Maximize Home Learning with MATHia




2. Skills Practice is also available for students who don’t have technology at home. 



Note: We do not recommend sending the student text pages home and expecting students to work on them independently




For roster integration customers (those schools using Clever or Classlink), please contact us for guidance on how to facilitate logging in from home for your students.