Understanding the Session Report

Group View


The Session Report is designed to give teachers a day-to-day view of MATHia usage. The class view of this report gives teachers a clear view of student activity during a selected period of time and helps teachers determine if their students are meeting their MATHia usage goals.

The default view of this report includes data from sessions completed within the last seven days.


The Session Totals by Student table provides a more detailed view of student usage during the selected date range. This table summarizes the work each student has completed (time, sessions, workspaces, and problems).

Click on any of the column headings to sort this table.


Student View


All of the metrics from the Group Session Report are the same for the Student Session Report, except instead of group averages, teachers see individual student totals for the selected date range.

The All Session Details Table is a detailed view of the work completed each time the student logged into MATHia.

The timestamp displayed reflects the current user's local time zone.


Session Details


Selecting a student's session displays a window that provides insight to where the student worked in the software, during that session.

The Session Details view shows the status of each workspace the student encountered during the specified session.

Student completed the workspace, mastering all skills (mastery workspaces only).


Student completed all of the problems for the workspaces during this session (concept builder workspaces only).


Student completed the workspace and was not proficient on all skills (mastery workspaces only).


Student started the workspace during this session, but did not complete it.


Student encountered this workspace in review mode during this session.