2019-2020 MATHia Challenge

This is a teacher-approved challenge that we all can enjoy! We’re not asking students to eat jelly beans or ghost peppers⁠—we’re challenging your classes to work hard in MATHia for a chance to earn a slice of pizza pi(e.)



Beginning on January 1st, 2020 and running through April 15th, Carnegie Learning will reward classes that dive into MATHia. Classes can participate anywhere with internet access: classrooms, computer labs, libraries, media centers, or at home. Classes can participate in the MATHia Challenge in any MATHia class in which they’re currently working (e.g., Core, Extension, Remediation).  

All classes with 8* students and up utilizing MATHia will be automatically enrolled into the 2019-20 MATHia challenge. Carnegie Learning will base the challenge on workspaces completed and the time spent in MATHia. Classes will need to average 35 workspaces completed and 20 hours of MATHia usage.


*If you have any questions about class participation, please contact us at help@carnegielearning.com 

Tips to Engage Families


We want this pizza party to happen, so we figured out a way that might help you be one of the hundreds of teachers across the country that conquers the challenge. Download the family letter explaining to your students' parents and caregivers how the MATHia Pizza Challenge works and what they can do to help engage and motivate their kids. 

Download Family Letter

Family Math Night

Want to take it an extra step further? We've also pulled together a video that shares quick and easy steps to host a Family Math Night so that you can spread the math love outside of the classroom.

Watch the Video

Workspaces & time


MATHia content is housed in workspaces. Some of these workspaces are called Concept Builders and others are called Mastery. For this challenge, we will focus on progression through these workspaces without differentiating between the types of workspaces. You can find the workspaces your students have completed on your Session Report by setting the date range for the appropriate period (in this case, from January 1st until today).

In addition, we will measure the time students spend in the software. This information can also be found on the Session Report—you will see all of the class averages at the top of the report. Please remember that productive time is most important, so having MATHia open is not enough. Students need to work hard to complete problems for the time to be effective in helping them learn and practice.

Preview of the Session Report




Throughout the MATHia challenge, we will provide you with monthly updates as well as additional tips and resources to encourage and motivate your students.  

To get started, you can view and download our MATHia Sticker and Reflection chart to hand out to each of your students in order for them to more easily track their own progress.

If you use custom sequences, we've also included templates for the charts so that you can customize it to align to your class sequence. 

These can be accessed by clicking here. 

We will identify classes that successfully meet the challenge criteria at the end of the challenge period. They will be rewarded with pizza gift cards for their class to celebrate their completion.




Where can I access the Session Report?

For detailed instructions on where to access the Session Report, click here.


What data is included on the Session Report?

To learn about the Session Report, click here. 


What devices can my students use to work on MATHia?

To view a list of supported devices and MATHia’s minimum system requirements, click here.


How much is the pizza gift card worth?

Gift card amounts will vary depending on the number of active students enrolled in the class. 


Why has the number of workspaces completed gone down?

MATHia has introduced a product enhancement that categorizes workspaces at a more granular level. In rare cases, students may see the number of workspaces completed go down. Read more here. 


How will advancing students in MATHia impact their progress?

If a student’s placement in MATHia is manually moved forward in Teacher’s Toolkit, then skipped over workspaces will show as Incomplete and will not count towards the class average.