2021 Spring MATHia Marathon Challenge

Get fired up for The 2021 Spring MATHia Marathon! This fun challenge is the perfect motivator to re-engage your students at school or at home. For each MATHia mile (aka: workspace) that students complete during each two-week marathon, they’ll earn a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. 

MATHia’s personalized tutoring will boost their understanding and help them prep for end-of-year testing. It’s a teacher-student win-win!


Today through April 30th, Carnegie Learning will count the number of workspaces each student completes. Based on the number of workspaces completed, students will get tickets that will be automatically entered into a bi-weekly drawing. Carnegie Learning will draw 10 winners every two weeks. We will notify teachers of winners if they are in their class and also announce nationally where the winners go to school. All we ask is that teachers and administrators encourage students to complete MATHia workspaces. The more MATHia students do, the better their chance to win and the more they will learn!

*If you have any questions about class participation, please contact us at help@carnegielearning.com.



MATHia content is housed in workspaces. Some of these workspaces are called Concept Builders and others are called Mastery. For this challenge, we will focus on the completion of these workspaces without differentiating between the types of workspaces. You can find the workspaces your students have completed on your Session Report by setting the date range for the appropriate period.


Preview of the Session Report



Throughout the MATHia Marathon Challenge, we’ll send updates every two weeks, along with additional tips and resources to encourage and motivate your students.

To get started, we've included these customizable sticker progress chart templates, so you can tailor them to align to your class sequence.



Where can I access the Session Report?
Login to MyCL and select Reports. 

What data is included in the Session Report?
Learn about the Session Report here.

What devices can my students use to work on MATHia?
View a list of supported devices and MATHia’s minimum system requirements here.

How will students’ progress be impacted if I advance them in MATHia?
If a student’s placement in MATHia is manually moved forward in Teacher’s Toolkit, the skipped workspaces will display as Incomplete and will not count towards the class average.