What is MATHiaFlex?



MATHiaFlex is a brand new experience designed to give educators more flexibility to leverage the power of MATHia. MATHiaFlex supports continuous learning by giving every student their own personal math coach to tutor, adapt, and assess every step of the way. With features that give you a quick view of each student’s strengths and weaknesses and easy access to grade 6-12 learning content, you can assign students exactly what they need.

MATHiaFlex uses powerful artificial intelligence to mirror a human coach better than any other platform, amplifying your impact by giving each student their very own math coach to focus on the specific skills they need to master to get to grade level and beyond.




Adaptive Feedback: MATHiaFlex provides a personalized experience with customized just-in-time feedback and contextual hints designed to help students persevere and solve problems.

Progress Tracking: The Progress Bar motivates and empowers students to take ownership of their learning by visually displaying their progress toward multiple skills. As they become more proficient in each skill, the bars increase and change from blue to green. 


Readiness Diagnostic: ReadyCheck assessments and reports give you a data-driven view of unfinished learning or gaps in specific mathematical concepts to help you assess student readiness.

Reports: MATHiaFlex gives you data on student completion and scores for each completed assignment.


Standards Navigator: See at a glance how proficient students are on any assigned standard code or domain, and choose content aligned to that standard (presented in the recommended coherence order) to assign.