Getting Started: Textbooks

Welcome to your home for getting ready for using our textbooks with your students. We've assembled a video series that will walk you through the materials, introduce you to the course (straight from our authors!), and even included some tips for surviving the first few days of the school year.

We'll be adding more materials through the fall, so please bookmark this page and check back often!

materials for setting up student binders


We highly recommend having students use binders to manage their work. The Managing the Textbooks video below shows how to rip apart (yes, rip apart!) pages from the book and also highlights using binders as a way for students more easily managing their materials.

We've provided the downloadable kit below to help you and your students to set that up, as well as classroom posters, sticker chart templates, and more!

Click HERE to download our binder kit!


materials to send home



Managing the Textbooks


Check out some examples of how some teachers manage the textbooks in their classroom. 


Teacher Implementation Guide Walkthrough



Student Textbook Walkthrough



understanding the textbook numbering system



Lesson planning process


Tips for the First Few Days of School


Here we'll share some tips for the first few days of school, including collaborative activities to try out and other suggestions. TAGS: classroom strategies, class strategies, first three days, 1st 3 days, beginning of the year, activities, team building, group work, get to know your students, etc. 



Creating Groups at the Start of the Year


You already know how important it is to have your students working collaboratively, but now you need to be strategic as to how you put them into groups. This video will share some tips on creating groups at the start of the school year. 


Middle School Math Solution Course 1 overview



Middle School Math Solution Course 2 OVERVIEW



Middle School Math Solution Course 3 OVERVIEW



High School Math Solution Algebra 1 OVERVIEW



High School Math Solution Geometry OVERVIEW



High School Math Solution Algebra II OVERVIEW



High School Math Solution Integrated Math I OVERVIEW