Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I login?

You should be receiving an invitation to create an account for MyCL, your one-stop destination for all Carnegie Learning products and resources - including Proto! You can bookmark this link to keep it handy:

If you didn't receive a MyCL invite, you can ask any registered teacher from your school to invite you to the school, or contact Customer Support.

You can find additional MyCL support here: MyCL Account Support.

What changes can I expect?

Globaloria is now Proto, and it's bringing a totally new and improved user experience with it. This blog post has more info about what you can expect.

Can I still access Globaloria?

Yes, you'll still be able to log into the Globaloria SLP until the end of October 2018 to view your previous classes and download student projects - but you will not be able to:

  • Create new classes (that happens in MyCL now!)
  • Launch GIDE or MakeQuest
  • Modify project pages

As a teacher, how can I view or work through the curriculum?

There are multiple ways that you can view course content as a teacher.

  1. You can add yourself to the class and work through the curriculum as a student - here are the steps to do that. 
    Note: If you are working through the curriculum as a student, then you must submit the notebook entry and view all of the lessons of any given topic to progress to the next one.
  2. You can also use the Progress Manager in Teacher's Toolkit to view the notebook entries for each topic.

Has any of the curriculum changed from last year?

We tried to keep the curriculum content the same as much as possible. The majority of our changes involved fixing typos, updating images and links, and re-organizing the curriculum to fit in with the new software.

There were also several places where there were opportunities to provide more clear or specific instructions to students, or where we needed to update the instructions to match what students will be doing in Proto. You can view a more comprehensive list of content changes here.

What types of support and resources are available to teachers?

If you notice a content issue or have a suggestion, we'd love to hear from you! You can submit feedback about a course or feature here.

Are you still going to have the Globey awards?

The Globeys are still on for this Fall! We’ll be in touch in the coming weeks (once you get settled in) to talk next steps. In the meantime, if you have a student who wants to submit an existing project, make sure they download and save their game(s).