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Accessing Your Course Materials Through the Clear Learning Center

The Clear Learning Center provides teachers with the ability to view, download, and assign all their lesson resources in one place. 


  1. Go to and log into your MyCL account.

  2. Select the Clear Learning Center button on your home screen.

  3. Select the Course button on the left navigation bar to open the Course Navigator which will allow you to navigate your Course Resources.


  • From the Course Overview level, you can access:

    • Course Overview

    • Course Introduction

    • Course Pacing Guide

    • Skills Program Guide

    • Standards Alignment

    • MATHia Table of Contents



  1. Expand any module to view a list of topics within that module.

  2. Expand a topic for a more detailed look at the table of contents.


  3. Select any lesson to open, preview, or assign any of the lesson resources.


  1. Select the End-of-Topic Resources link to preview and assign your End-of-Topic Assessments.