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Adding MATHia Sequences for Roster Integrated Users

If you are a roster integrated user, or your school uses Clever or Classlink, your district will populate all of your class rosters for you. Once your classes for the new school year are in your Teacher’s Toolkit, it is time to add MATHia sequences to each class.

  1. Select a Class. You can do this from your Teacher’s Toolkit homepage, or by opening the Classes menu using the waffle icon in the upper right corner. 
  2. Select the Overview tab. Click Edit in the bottom left corner to edit class information. 
  3. Profile - Select the type of class (Core, Honors, Special Education, Intervention, etc.). This will be displayed in the Leadership Reports. 
  4. Class Category - Select the course assigned to the class (6th grade, 7th grade, etc.). This will be displayed in the Leadership Reports. 
  5. Standards  - Select Texas (TEKS)
  6. Click Add Product
  7. Select MATHia, then OK. 
  8. Save. 
  9. Select the MATHia Sequence tab. 
  10. Click the Edit button at the bottom right corner. 
  11. Use the Filter By drop-down menu to select which course the modules will come from. 
  12. Select the checkbox to the left of the word Modules. This will select all the modules in the list. 
  13. Click Add. 
    Note: The modules will be brought over in the appropriate order that matches the Texas Math Solution Lesson Materials Scope & Sequence.
  14. Click Save. 
    NOTE: You will need to repeat the above process for each of your classes.

Navigate to the Class Details tab and you will see that all MATHia Modules have been assigned to all students, but all the Modules are locked.

Note: Use the key to distinguish between Complete, Open, or Locked modules for each student.

  • Click an Open module within an individual student’s row, to Change Placement, Restart or Skip Problems, Lock Module, or Launch MATHia.
    • Change Placement - Reassign a workspace to a student. First, confirm that the student is not currently logged into the software.  
    • Restart or Skip the problem currently assigned to them. Ask the student to log out of MATHia first. 
    • Lock Module - Make the module unavailable to the student.

  • To lock/unlock modules for multiple students:
    • Select the students for which you would like to lock/unlock module(s).
    • Click on the module(s) within the blue multiple student row.
    • Choose from the menu that appears.

REMEMBER, you will need to complete this process of adding MATHia sequences to EVERY class that you teach!