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Assessment and Data Collection

Formative and summative assessments provide a wealth of information for teachers as well as data reports generated in MATHia.  Below you will find a series of videos that focus on assessments and data collection to celebrate student success (Glows and Grows), use the report feature in MAThia (Using the Student Detailed Report), as well as challenging your mindset around your own grading practices (Grading with Mario and Luigi). 

Use one or more of these videos to begin a department meeting to encourage a collaborative spirit and foster an academic and professional conversation that will hopefully drive you to better understanding and implementing the Carneige Learning model.





It's important to talk to students about their data on MATHia. Using the model of Glows and Grows, you can help your students celebrate their successes and identify areas for improvement. In this video, the teacher uses the Progress Report first, and then moves to the Session Report for more details.


From this video you will see how you can use Student Detailed Report to see where your students are glowing and where they need to grow.