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Audio Support in MATHia

Audio Support is available once a student enters MATHia. You can enable Text to Speech in your Preferences


  1. Launch MATHia.

  2. Toggle on the Audio Support button.

  3. Once Audio Support is on, you will now have text to speech boxes next to the text. When you click on the box, it will read the text to you. 

    Please Note: Students who want to use the Audio Support function for Spanish workspaces have to change the voice for Audio Support to Google español for a correct translation and accent in Spanish.

  4. Once a student has logged into MATHia and toggled on Audio Support, they should go to their Preferences by clicking on the pencil next to their avatar.

  5.  Check the box next to Audio Support.

  6. Change the voice for Audio Support to Spanish as spoken in the US and Google español for a correct translation and accent in Spanish. Then, click Save.