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Auto-Calculation Feature in MATHia

The auto-calculation feature in MATHia evaluates expressions entered by students and compares the value of those expressions to the correct answer.  

Where will my students find this feature?

Auto-calculation is available in most text fields where students are required to enter a numerical or algebraic answer. However, it is not available on all steps in all MATHia workspaces because some problem steps in some workspaces are measuring the mastery of computational skills.


How does it work?

When a student enters an expression in the text field, the MATHia system compares their expression to the correct answer. If their expression can be rewritten as the correct answer in MATHia, it will be considered correct. If it is algebraically equal to a different answer, their answer will be marked incorrect, and they may be provided with a hint.  


How do I know if auto-calculation is available?

You won’t know for certain until you or your students try to enter an expression and receive a message like the one below. Completing the Step-by-Step problem(s) and reading directions carefully will help your students understand the expectations of the workspace. 



How does auto-calculation help my students?

MATHia provides your students with auto-calculation so that they can focus on the most important skills to master at the moment. MATHia computes the answer for them just as a calculator would. This provides MATHia with additional information so the system can support your students more effectively.

When students enter an expression in a MATHia text field, depending on the complexity of the expression they are entering, they may find it helpful to use the Expression Editor. To open the Expression Editor, students click on the down arrow in the text field where they would like to type their expression. Once they have entered their expression, they press enter, and the MATHia software will calculate the result.


For less complex expressions, students may use the keypad without the Expression Editor. The screenshots below show the auto-calculation feature in action for the expression 4ac where the expression was entered without the use of the Expression Editor.