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Completing and Submitting an Interactive Assignment or Assessment

How Do I find and start an assignment?

  1. Log in to your MyCL account.
  2. Select Materials and then Clear Learning Center.

  3. Select Start for the assignment you would like to complete.

  4. Once the assignment opens, select Start to begin the assignment.

  5. Use the progress bar at the bottom of the screen to move through the assignment or assessment.



What do the icons in the toolbar do?


The toolbar on the right side of your screen allows you to save your progress, change the way you view the questions, and review your answers before submitting the assignment. Use the arrow on the bottom of the toolbar to see descriptions of each icon.




The top icon allows you to save your progress. If you cannot complete an assignment in one sitting, use the Save Progress button to save your work until you can return to the assignment.





Select the Full Screen tool on the right side of your screen to view a larger version of the prompts.



Select the Review tool to review your responses before submitting the assignment.



The Accessibility tool allows you to customize the colors of your activity.




As you complete each prompt, use the Flag Item tool in the toolbar on the right side of your screen to mark any questions you would like to review before submitting the assignment.



Reviewing Your Responses and Submitting the Assignment



1. Once you have answered all questions, click the Review button in either the progress bar or the toolbar on the right side of the screen.




  • This will will bring up the review screen where you can review your responses to any question in the assignment. Questions that have been completed will have a solid line under the question number.


  • You may filter your responses by those you have flagged. These will be marked with a flag icon instead of the question number.


  • You may filter your responses to see the questions you partially attempted. These questions will have a striped line under the question number


  • You may filter your responses to see the unattempted questions.


2. When you are finished reviewing your responses, select Finish.



3. You will be asked to confirm you want to submit the assignment. Selecting Yes submits your assignment to your teacher.