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Course Selection Screen Redesigned

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated the Course selection screen for a better, more comprehensive user experience.

  1. From a Class card, click Course.

  2. You are now at your Course screen.

    Note: If you previously added a course (or courses) to your class, you will see them listed here.

  3. Click + Add Course.

  4. You are now at the Course selection screen.

  5. From the Course selection screen, you will now see some additional features added for a better, more comprehensive user experience.

    Product Search - provides a drop-down list of all products available.
    Search content name - allows you to enter searchable text (e.g., Grade 7).
    View - allows you to preview the course prior to its selection.

    Note: If a course had previously been selected, it will be grayed out indicating that it is already associated with the current class and will not be selectable.