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Date Filters Added to Assignment Page

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated the Assignment page to include date filters to make searching for past/current assignments more efficient.


  1. From a Class card, click Assignments.

    Note: Alternatively, you can select Assignments from the main menu bar at the top-right of the My Classes dashboard.

  2. You are now at the Assignments screen for that particular class.

  3. From the Assignments screen, you will see that the Search panel has changed.



  4. The Search panel was rethought to make searching for assignments more intuitive.
    • The “Filter By” header was added to indicate all of the search options that are provided.
    • A “Reset Filters” link lets you quickly reset all filters to their default state.
    • The “Date” (and calendar) allow you to adjust how assignments are filtered. By selecting a date and then choosing the appropriate filter from Show Assignments, you can narrow down your search quickly.


    • The “Content Name” header was added to clearly indicate that you can search for an assignment using the assignment’s name. Or, you can enter keywords related to the assignment (e.g., Module#, Topic #, Lesson#, etc.), which will pull up corresponding assignments.
    • The remaining fields (Class, Assigned To, Assigned By, and Status) have remained unchanged.