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December 2020 Release Notes

What's New

Text to Speech

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Text to Speech 

Text to Speech feature is now available for teachers and students! Teachers can set a preference for themselves in their profile if they want to use this feature while previewing digital lessons and assessments.

  • Click on the User Icon on the top right corner and then click on Profile.
  • Click on the Enable Text Help toggle to turn it ON or OFF

  • Click on Save

For the students, either you as a teacher can set this preference or the students can themselves set the preference.

  • As a teacher if you want to set this preference for a particular student, go to the Class Roster.
  • From here, you can enable Text Help for particular students.
  • Teachers can set it at the student level within the class roster.



Students can set this as their global preference which affects all classes they join.

In the Student View, click on the User Icon on the top right corner


Click on Profile



Click on the Enable Text Help toggle to turn this feature ON or OFF

Type Math using MathType in Fill in the Blanks Questions

Students can now type math in Fill in the Blanks questions as Mathtype is now being made available for such questions also.


Need Help Logging ?


A ‘Need help logging in?’ link is being added to the login page. Clicking this link will redirect the user to a Help Center Article that may provide a resolution to the user’s problem.



Students can no longer upload custom avatars

  • The ability for students to upload their own images as avatars is now being disabled. They can only choose from the existing avatars.





Scores not saving correctly for items

There was a  reporting of a score not sticking in spite of clicking on Save. This has been fixed with this release.

Only submitted grades are now shown in reports

Grades were shown in reports even when the teacher had not released them to reports. This has now been fixed. Grades will not be shown in reports unless the teacher releases them to reports.