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Detailed Usage Times

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated how Usage data is recorded and accessible within the Course and Standards Reports.

Usage (minutes) are now rounded up when greater than or equal to 30 seconds and rounded down when less than 30 seconds. For example, if a student spends 1 minute 32 seconds on a question, it will now be reported as 2 minutes.

You can view the actual amount of time a student spends on a question (or standard) by hovering over the Usage (minutes) value listed.

Note that this update applies to both the Course Report and Standards Report.


  1. From the Course Report - Class Summary, click Details.

  2. You are now viewing the Course Report - Class Detail (By Student). Click the Usage (minutes) button.

  3. You are now viewing the Usage (minutes) details By Student.

    Note: In addition to seeing the minutes per student, you are also able to see the Class Average usage.

  4. Hover over any of the Usage (minutes) values to access a popup that displays the actual amount of time spent on a particular assignment.

    Note: For the indicated student, the actual amount of time spent on the Digital Interactive End of Topic 1 Assessment was 4 minutes 14 seconds, which was rounded down to the displayed 4 minutes.

  5. You can continue drilling down to a specific student by clicking on their initials, which brings you to that student’s individual Course Report. From there, you can view their Usage (minutes) details for each assignment and see how it compares to the Class Average.

    Note: Hovering over any Usage (minutes) value will again provide the actual amount of time spent on a particular assignment.

  6. The same Usage (minutes) updates can be found on the Standards Report.

    From the Standards Report - Class Summary, you’d again click Details. Then from the Standards Report - Class Detail (By Student), you would click the Usage (minutes) button.

    With the standards expanded, you can scroll to see each student’s Usage (minutes) details for each of the standards, as well as the Class Average.

    Hovering over the Usage (minutes) values will again provide the actual amount of time spent on a particular standard.

    Note: If you click on an individual student’s initials, you will be brought to that student’s Standards Report and will be able to view their Usage (minutes) details.