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Details Column in Standards Report

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated the Standards Report - Class Detail (By Student) screen to show a Details column. The Details column replaces the previous Taken and Remaining columns.

Be advised that the Details column has been designed to more clearly show where each of the standards is being covered within the Lesson Materials, even down to the question level.


  1. From the Standards Report - Class Detail (By Student) screen, and with the standards expanded, you will now see the Details column along with “View” hyperlinks.

    Note: There are View hyperlinks at both the top-level rows and specific standard rows. Clicking View for top-level rows only provides general information (e.g., Student First/Last Name, Avg Score: always N/A, and Assignments: always 0). You will want to focus on the specific standard rows.

  2. Click View for a standard row.

  3. You are now viewing the Standards Report - Student Details for that particular standard.

  4. From the Standards Report - Student Details screen, you will see the specific standard being covered along with rows for each student in the class.

    Note: For each row, it provides the student’s First/Last Name, Avg Score, Assignments, and the actual grade (percentage) achieved on each instance of the standard.

    Note: Each of the icons represents one instance of the standard. This could be a complete Lesson or a specific question from an Assessment. You can hover over the icon to determine where the standard is being covered.

    Note: Hovering over the second icon results in a popup that shows that the standard is covered in the Grade 6 Texas Math Solution: 21-22 course, Digital Interactive End of Topic 1 Assessment, Question #3.

    Additionally, if you click on the icon, it will bring up a popup for that particular lesson material, which can be opened or assigned.