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February 2021 Release Notes

Add and Remove a Course

Bug Fixes


Add and Remove a Course

’Add Course’ and ‘Remove Course’ experience has changed

Within a class, click on ‘Add Course’ on the top right

A new page will be displayed. You will find all the courses that are published and licensed to you in a paginated form. You are also able to search the courses using a search functionality.

You can select one or more than one courses. The selected courses will be added to the class.

Once the course is added to your class, you can remove the course by clicking on ‘Remove’ button

A modal will pop up warning you about the consequences of removing the course. 

To remove the course, choose ‘Yes, continue’.


Bug Fixes

  • Drag and Drop answers 
  • Drag and drop answers sometimes did not retain their answers when the student navigated away. This has been fixed.
  • MathType in Teacher Notes
  • Math was not rendering appropriately in Teacher Notes. This has been fixed.