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Front Matter

The Front Matter is found at the beginning of your textbook (original format) or at the beginning of your course in the Digital Lesson Materials (Skills Program edition). There is a Teacher and Student version of each of these resources.

The Front Matter is a robust document that covers everything from a high-level Carnegie Learning approach to teaching mathematics, to the details of what is covered in the course and how to approach the mathematics. It is highly recommended that you begin here at the start of each year, and refer back to the Front Matter frequently if you have questions. 

There are two versions of Front Matter available. If you are using the Front Matter from the TXMS Lesson materials, that is the Skills Program Edition.

There are QR codes throughout the Front Matter to drive you to locations on the TXMS Support Center for more information. The following list includes ALL of the components of the Front Matter (TIG). The components that can be found in the Student Edition Front Matter are marked with (SE):

  • Carnegie Learning Manifesto
  • Overview of the Instructional Approach
  • Instructional Design of the course
  • Course Level Documents
  • Resources to Support Implementation

Skills Program Edition: 

The Skills Program Edition of the Front Matter incorporates information and graphics for a blended Learning Individually approach utilizing both the Skills Practice & MATHia. To better understand these resources read through the Skills Program Guide in the TXMS Lesson Materials located under the Course Overview.