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Gradebook Export Indicates Excluded Items

As part of our continuous improvements, we’ve updated the Gradebook’s Item Analysis CSV file to indicate when items have been excluded from grading/reporting.

  1. From an Assignment card, click Gradebook.

  2. You are now at the Summary screen for that particular assignment. Click Export from the Edit / Export panel.

  3. From the Export CSV pop-up, select Item Analysis Export, enter your email address, and then click Send.

    Note: You can toggle to Show/Hide non-scorable items.

  4. Once the Item Analysis CSV is ready, it will be delivered to the email address provided. Be sure to check your email throughout the day until it arrives.

    Upon opening the Item Analysis CSV, you will now see “Excluded” indicated for any Questions (Slides) that are not being considered for grading/reporting.

    Note: For the assignment represented in this Item Analysis CSV, Questions 1 and 4 were Excluded from grading/reporting.