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How can I get Supervisor-level access to MATHia?

This article will walk you through the steps required to obtain Supervisor-level access to MATHia features, as well as outlines the differences between Instructor and Supervisor-level access in the table below. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must ask a colleague who already has Supervisor-level access to MATHia to update your MyCL account to include Supervisor-level access in Teacher's Toolkit. 


Steps to Obtaining Supervisor-level Access


First, ask a colleague to update your MyCL account in Teacher's Toolkit. They will need to follow the steps below in order to update your account to include Supervisor-level access:

  1. Select the Teacher's Toolkit icon on the MyCL portal page.

    If you have access to multiple schools, you will need to type in the name of the school that the user requires Supervisor-level access to and select the CONTINUE button.

  2. Select the button in the upper righthand corner.

  3. Select the Instructor icon.

  4. Select the instructor that requires their account to be updated to include Supervisor-level access.

  5. Click on the instructor's name to view their details.

  6. Select the Edit button.

  7. Select the Supervisor button.

  8. Click Save.


Understanding Instructor and Supervisor-level Accounts*


The table below outlines the differences between Instructor and Supervisor-level accounts.

  Supervisor Instructor
Create and modify classes X X
Create and modify students X X
Create and modify custom MATHia modules X X
View APLSE, Session, Student Detail, and Standards MATHia Reports X X
View all classes and students within a school X  
Invite colleagues to activate a Supervisor-level account X  
View MATHia leadership reports X  

*Please note that your role may vary from school to school.