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How do I change a students placement in MATHia?

The instructions below outline how to advance a student in MATHia.

Note: Carnegie Learning advises against moving students forward in MATHia unless it is absolutely needed or a full disengagement is about to occur. The purpose of the MATHia software is to provide paced intentional mathematics progressions, and advancing students out of a workspace will break the learning progression. 

Login to your MyCL account and navigate to Teacher's Toolkit

Select the Class that contains the student you need to advance.

Ensure that the MATHia module you are advancing the student to is unlocked.

Select the open module to which you would like to move the student.

Select Change Placement.

Select the Module, Unit, and Workspace that the student will move to, and click the check box that says Ensure that the student(s) have logged out before applying change.

Select Ok

You will receive a notification that the change is complete. Have your student log back into MATHia.