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Learning Solutions for COVID-19 School Closures and Student Absences

At Carnegie Learning, we’re committed to supporting both you and your students during the school closures and student and/or teacher absences. If your school or district uses the Carnegie Learning Texas Math Solution, there are a wide variety of resources that are already available and ready to be used to support you (the teacher) and your students during this time.

Our MATHia Software

MATHia, our math learning software, was designed specifically for students to learn independently. You choose the content you want them to learn and they work at their own pace, whenever, wherever they want, progressing through the learning path as they reach mastery.

In addition, MATHia adapts to give students exactly what they need at any given moment (even when you can’t be right beside them). It provides all the tools and just-in-time support they need right at their fingertips so they never miss a moment of learning. For implementation and usage articles for MATHia, please visit the “Learning Individually” category on the Texas Math Solution Support Center.

  • MATHia personalizes and accelerates math learning for every student when you can’t be there through:
  • Personalized feedback and instruction for every student, including just-in-time feedback specific to a student's entry
  • Problem-specific guidance and teaching hints are available when students need assistance
  • Real-time progress feedback, so students always know which concepts and skills they've mastered
  • LiveLab, our live facilitation tool, that gives you in-the-moment actionable data to effectively monitor and facilitate students’ MATHia usage in a virtual setting. You can use it in two ways:
    • Offer live "office hours" where you will be monitoring student MATHia work and addressing questions via Zoom or other communication platform. You can select and watch all students in all classes at the same time.
    • If you're running a synchronous learning/remote learning plan, you can utilize LiveLab to monitor remote student work during the scheduled class period.

*Carnegie Learning recommends the usage of MATHia in alignment with its core product. For the purpose of this article, Carnegie is recommending MATHia additionally for student or staff absences when live or synchronous instruction is unable to occur.

Texas Math Solution Digital Lesson Materials

If your school or district has had to transition to virtual learning, be sure to utilize the Digital Lesson Materials.The students have access to the digital interactive student lessons and digital interactive student assignments. Students can log in and get to work, working through the digital lessons and completing digital assignments all without needing the textbook at home with them.

To access the Digital Lesson Materials, click here.

If you are new to using the Digital Lesson Materials, the video below will help you learn how to access your materials. 





If you still have questions about using the digital materials, please explore the Learning Together category of our TXMS Support Center or send specific questions to .

*The Digital Lesson Materials are meant to be used when students have access to direct instruction (whether it be synchronous, an asynchronous recording, and/or a teacher providing virtual instruction to a group of students). While the digital lessons and assignments are robust they are not meant to be a substitute for instruction. Carnegie Learning recommends this portion of the solution if a full class must transition to virtual learning for a short period of time etc.

Our Community of Support

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