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March 2021 Release Notes

What’s New? 

Login Page Revised




Login Page revised

“Sign Up” has been changed to “Register” to avoid confusion with “Sign In”


District Summary Standards Report

District Summary Standards Report is now available for District Administration

After logging into your District Admin account, click on ‘Reports’ in the top menu bar.



You will see a link to the Standards Report

Click on the ‘View Report’ button in front of District Summary (By School) to see the Standards Report for Lesson Materials.



New Icons added

In the digital interactive lessons, ‘Student Instructions’ slide is represented by a new unique icon that looks like this: 




Bug Fixes

Text Editing 

  • The free response and fill in the blanks questions were not easy to answer as the keyboard covered part of the question stem. This has now been fixed. When the student starts to type, a keyboard appears in additional space created below the question stem.



Unintended Italicisation of Text 

  • Some text was italicized due to a particular interpretation of the ‘$’ sign. This has now been fixed.