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MATHia Accessibility

The MATHia software was designed and developed following known practices for meeting ADA and 508 compliance and accessibility requirements. The initial development of this platform was subject to 3 audits by The Paciello Group, and they identified features that are accessible at both the WCAG A and AA levels.  Through that testing, the development team became very familiar with accessibility best practices and techniques, and we have continued to apply them where possible.This was either through operating system functionality or through functionality built into the MATHia software. 

We have previously tested our product with Read & Write 8.1 Gold on a PC running Windows XP. Text elements of our interface are readable using the program, and graphical elements of the program are readable using the “screenshot reader” feature. 

MATHia also underwent a rigorous review and vetting process by the United States Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) before Carnegie Learning was found to be able to successfully meet accessibility requirements, technical requirements and deliver services on a global implementation scale, as well as chosen to be the best equipped to meet DoDEA’s priorities: ongoing embedded formative assessment and a 1:1 personalized learning platform. 


We've provided feature-specific accessibility details below and we can provide additional details re: compliance in our products upon request at 

ALT text

In MATHia, almost every image has alternative text so that assistive technology can read the alternative text to describe the image.

Keyboard navigation accessibility features 

MATHia allows students to fully control the their interaction with the software through their assistive software. MATHia's System Help also provides keyboard navigation and shortcuts for the student to optionally use.

Text-to-Speech / Audio 

Text-to-speech is turned on in the student's Preferences and reads long strings of text aloud to the student. The student can select which voice they hear, or customize the speed and pitch at which it reads, from the Preferences menu. 

Color Contrast 

MATHia does follow guidelines for color, contrast and text formatting. All of our designs are tested via color contrast accessibility tools and we ensure we’re compliant at all times to ensure those who are colorblind can fully engage with the software with no issue.

Closed Captioning

All videos are fully closed captioned and are available in both English and Spanish.