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MATHia for Caregivers

About MATHia


What is MATHia?

MATHia is specifically designed for students to learn independently. Its 1-to-1 coaching technology adapts to give students exactly what they need at any given moment, so they can still make progress on class goals while school is not in session.

MATHia constantly provides personalized feedback and instruction for every student. Problem-specific guidance and teaching hints are also available to make sure students don’t get stuck on a problem. It’s like giving your student his/her own personal tutor.

MATHia also provides real-time progress feedback, so students always know which concepts and skills they’ve mastered. This information appears on each student’s landing page and through the Progress Bar, a real-time dashboard that displays their progress on critical math skills.


Helping Your Student Get Started


You can check out our MATHia Student User Links for a comprehensive guide to getting your student started or browse through the FAQs below to quickly find the answers you need.


How does my student log in?


If it’s your student’s first time signing in:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Set Your Password.
  3. Enter your school name.
  4. Enter your username (given to students by their teacher).
  5. Click Next.
  6. You will be prompted to enter and confirm a password of your choice, and then click Set Password.
  7. You will be returned to the Sign In page to sign in to your MyCL account.


To launch the software:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your school name.
  6. Click Sign In.
  7. From the MyCL portal page, click the MATHia button that has your class name listed above it.


If your school uses Clever:

  • Your student may already have a MyCL account if your school or district has shared their rosters with us through Clever or another service.
  • This account will likely use single sign-on, meaning your student would sign into MATHia and etexts through the district’s website or Clever portal instead of through MyCL.
  • Instructions for single sign-on vary depending on your school or district and should be provided by your teacher or school. If you cannot reach your teacher or school, please contact Carnegie Learning Customer Support, and we will do our best to help.


My student forgot their password. How can they have it reset?

Your student should contact their teacher to have their password reset.


Now that my student is logged in, how do they use MATHia?

Once your student logs in, there should be an obvious “Let’s Go” button. This indicates the assignment that your teacher has provided to your student. Your student should be able to start working, and MATHia itself will guide them through. No caregiver or teacher assistance required!


How does my student finish a workspace?

At the completion of all the problems within a workspace, a student can select “I’m Done!” at the top right of the workspace to proceed on to the next section or workspace.


My student is stuck on a problem, what do I do?

When solving a problem or answering a question, always have students try their best first and see if they get the correct answer. If they are still stuck, there are some things they can do.

  • Look up unknown terms in the glossary.
  • Review the step-by-step example.
  • Examine the sample problem.
  • Ask for a hint.

If your student is still mathematically stuck, they can always contact their teacher. If they’re stuck because the problem won’t load, they should contact Carnegie Learning Customer Support.




How do I track my student’s progress?

MATHia provides real-time progress feedback, so students always know which concepts and skills they’ve mastered. This information is reflected on each student’s landing page, as well as through the Progress Bar, a real-time dashboard that displays their progress on critical math skills.



How do I know if my student has met whatever guidelines the teacher assigned?

Some common ways teachers will assign content include requiring students to finish a specific Unit, finish a specific number of Workspaces, or spend a specific amount of time working in MATHia. On your student’s Dashboard, you can track these metrics for their current session and total sessions, as well as see the units they’ve completed.



What’s the difference between Concept Builder and Mastery Workspaces? How is progress tracked in both? (Tell me more about the Skillometer).

Check out this article to learn more:
Understanding Mastery and Concept Builder Workspaces in MATHia


What if my student finished the (workspace, unit, module) they were working on?

If your student has completed one section or workspace, let them continue to move forward to the next unlocked unit. MATHia is a math teaching and learning software, so students are able to pace ahead, even if it is content not yet taught in the classroom. 

If there are no unlocked units, please contact your student’s teacher and ask them to assign more content or unlock content that is present but locked.


How do I get MATHia to display in Spanish?

If your student needs to work in Spanish, contact their teacher and ask them to assign the Spanish course to your student. If they do not have access to Spanish content, they can contact our Customer Support team to get Spanish content made available to their school.


My student is a struggling reader. Do you have a text to speech functionality, so they can have an easier time reading the word problems?

MATHia includes audio support functionality for struggling readers. Students who would like to use audio support can toggle it on using the button in the top right cordner of their screen..


Additional preferences can be enabled by selecting the pencil icon next to your student's avatar, and then selecting Audio Support.


Is closed captioning available for the videos?

Yes, closed captioning is available for all videos in MATHia.


Where can my student find the glossary?

Students can find the Glossary at any time in the navigation bar at the top of their screen.


Where can my student find MATHia System Help information?

Students can find MATHia System Help at any time in the navigation bar at the top of their screen.


What other options are available for students who have trouble reading/hearing/understanding?

Check out this article to learn more: Low-vision Learners and Classroom Accessibility


Other Questions?

Check out our comprehensive Help Center or chat with our Carnegie Learning Customer Support team here.