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MATHstream Reports in the Clear Learning Center: Student Grouping Report

The Student Grouping Report monitors, for each stream,  the average score across all students who have completed the stream.


Accessing Your student grouping Report


1. Login to your MyCL account.


2. In your portal home page, select MATHstream.


3. On the left tooblar, select the Reports button and then the Student Grouping button.



student grouping report overview


For each stream in the Student Grouping Report, you will see:

  • The name of the stream 

  • The average score of students who have completed it

  • The number of students in each proficiency level

         Passed Scores are greater than 70%. 

         Approaching scores are between 50% and 70% inclusive.

         Needs Remediation scores are below 50%.



The Total Average Class Score section gives you insight into the performance on streams that the class has completed.

Hover over the progress bar to see the performance of the whole class in streams that they have completed. A student will not be part of the class average until they have completed a stream.  


Click on Skills Summary Breakdown to see a list of the top three streams in each proficiency level.





Your MATHstream data can be filtered by  date, class, and series.