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MATHstream Reports in the Clear Learning Center: Stream Progress Report

The Stream Progress Report monitors the number of streams completed, the total average score, and the performance breakdown for every student.

Accessing Your Stream Progress Report


1. Log into your MyCL account.


2. In your portal home page, select MATHstream.


3. On the left tooblar, select the Reports button and then the Stream Progress button.





Stream Progress Report Overview


The Stream Progress Report shows the total average score and skill breakdown for streams completed by each individual student. Click on any skill data point within the table to see more details about a student's progress in the skills series.

proficiency levels


  • Passed Scores are greater than 70%.
  • Approaching scores are between 50% and 70% inclusive.
  • Needs Remediation scores are below 50%.


Viewing an Individual Student's Report


To see a student's individual report, click on any student within the Stream Progress Report.


New Screenshot



Student Report Details


Within the student report you may view:

  • Student's last login

  • Total assignments

  • Number of assignments Not Started, In Progress, and Done

  • Number of Skill Streams at each proficiency level (Needs Remediation, Approaching and Passed)

  • Average Skill Stream score



Within the Assignment Details you may view:

  • Filter assignments by name and status

  • What series each stream belongs to

  • The name of each individual stream

  • Date submitted

  • Number of attempts

  • Whether or not this stream was assigned

  • Skill Stream score

  • Status (Not Started, In Progress Done)