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May 2021 Release Notes

What’s New? 



Table of Contents Navigation 

To make it easier for teachers to navigate from one module or topic to another, a table of contents view has been added. 

Once you are in a course within a class, you will see a new button added in the header



Clicking that button will display a table of contents view


You can then click on the module, topic, or lesson that you want to navigate to.


Adding Teachers in Self-Registration Districts

To manually add a teacher in a self registration district, you must navigate to the school you would like to add a teacher to.

Click on the “Users” icon in the school’s options. You cannot add teachers from the top “Users” menu- the action must be done within the specific school you would like to register that teacher to.

 Once you have navigated to the school’s users, click the black button labeled “+ Add New User”.

From there, enter your teacher’s information including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Set a password.

When you are finished, click “Save & Exit”. Or, if you would like to manually add another teacher, click “Save & Add Another”.


**Please note this process is for Self-Registration districts only. Roster Integrated users will not be able to do this and should instead follow up with their school’s IT contact to have the teacher added via their Roster Integration system. **



Underscores and special characters can now be used in email addresses used for registration.



Bug Fixes


Occasionally, a failed login attempt was being logged as 2 failed login attempts. This would accelerate the process of deactivation of the users as the users get deactivated after a fixed number of failed login attempts. This double counting has been fixed.