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November 2020 Release Notes








Archive and unarchive students

Teachers of self-registered classes can now archive and unarchive students. 

Click on Roster on your class card.


You will find the archive option for each student.


You will get a warning that archiving will remove the student from the active roster and all future assignments.

Click on Archive and the student will be archived.

You can click on the Archived tab and unarchive/activate the student again if you need to.


Edit student details

Teachers can now edit First name, Last name and username of students in their roster. This is a feature available for self-registered students. 

Click on Roster on your class card

There is an Edit option for each student

Clicking on Edit will take you to the screen where you can type in the edits that you want to make.

Click on Save to save changes.


Survey Questions

Questions marked as “Survey” can be manually scored by the teacher in the gradebook.



Student Performance reports screens now have an Export option through which you will be able to download the reports in the form of a .csv file.

Click on the Export button

A pop up will appear with your registered email address. You can change this email address if you like.

The csv file will be delivered to the inbox of the email address that you used.



Free draw

Free Draw question type now has straight-line and multi color options. Students will be able to draw points and straight lines of various colors and thickness.

Please watch this VIDEO to know more about this feature.


Student Roster 

The “Add Student” tag has changed to “Add New Student” to clarify that it is not for moving an existing student between classes but to add a new student to the roster.