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October 2020 New Feature Releases



Closed Captioning

While previewing a video you now have the ability to turn on or off closed captioning. You can choose between English or Spanish subtitles for any video in the topics that are released beginning in November 2020 and moving forward. 

You can find more information here.


Removing a co-teacher from a class (Self-registration only)

Teachers will now be able to remove co-teachers from a class. You will be able to do this if you have access to Lesson Materials via self-registration.  You can find more information HERE (Link to a new help center article - How to remove a co-teacher?)


Assignment Status Label and Icon Changes

This update has seen a variety of status label and icon changes. Below you will find a list of the updated language as well as their corresponding functions.

  • “Closed” status for a student assignment has been changed to “Submitted” 

    • The assignment will automatically move to “Submitted” when at least one student has submitted the assignment.

  • An assignment will move to a “Closed” status when either all students have submitted the assignment, or when the due date has passed, whichever occurs earlier.

  • “Ready” status has changed to “Not Started”

  • “Completed” status has changed to “Graded”


The new icons for ‘Submitted’ and ‘Not submitted’ are as below:



Standards Reports


Changes were made to the color legend, the new colors representing the proficiency levels are shown below.





Assignment Settings

In Assignment Settings, the options:

  • Release Grades to Reports 

  • Release Grades to Students

  • Students Can Review Work 

  • There is now a Yes/No toggle buttons instead of checkboxes. (The toggles are unavailable until the assignment is read to grade.) 



Creating an assignment retroactively

Teachers are not able to create an assignment with a start date that has already passed.