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Performance Tasks

The Performance Tasks are located in the End of Course Topic of the Texas Math Solution for Grades 6 - 8, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. This final topic provides students an additional opportunity to demonstrate their ability to make sense of multi-step, real-world problems, communicate their thinking, represent solutions, and justify their reasoning on content aligned with the selected math standards.

Each Performance Task is a formative assessment tool that allows students to demonstrate their learning of the selected course content. At the end of each task, a section titled “Your Work Should Include” lists the categories and the corresponding max scoring points from the grading rubric.

The grading rubric can be used by students and teachers to set clear expectations for how each completed performance task will be evaluated. Students should use the rubric to guide their work and self-monitor their progress. Teachers should use the rubric to evaluate and provide feedback for the completed performance task.

The Teacher’s Implementation Guide for each task provides a performance task overview, list of aligned TEKS and ELPs, essential ideas, facilitation notes, a sample answer, and the grading rubric.