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Previewing and Assigning MATHstream Content

You can preview content available to you by clicking the MATHstream Content button from your portal screen or by clicking on the MATHstream tab in the left navigation panel. 








Mathstream content is organized into collections, series, and streams. A collection represents a content area within Algebra Readiness. Within each collection there are skills series corresponding to concepts within the content area. Within those series there are multiple streams that each correspond to one skill. 



browse and preView Content


Within the MATHstream tab you can view and assign an individual series or the entire collection. 


To see more information about a Collection, click on the down arrow next to that Collection.


To see more information about a Skill Series, click on the Skill Series tile.


The details view of the Skill Series tile provides the series description.


Below the series description you can view the individual Skill Streams in the Skill Series. In the table you can view each Skill Stream name, description, instructor, and duration. Clicking on View Details takes you to a detailed view of that Skill Stream


In addition to providing duration, instructor, and the stream description, the View Details screen provides teachers with the ability to preview the stream using the Preview Stream button.


This view also provides the teacher with Stream Statistics including:

  • Number of students at each proficiency level
  • Average score
  • Number of students who have been assigned the stream
  • Number of students currently completing the stream
  • Number of students who have submitted the stream
  • Individual student data including start and submitted dates, number of attempts, stream status, and stream score


Click on any score in the Score column to see a more detailed view of the student's score.





  1. To assign content to a student, click on the Assign button for the appropriate stream.


  1. On the Assign to screen, select the student(s) for whom the stream should be assigned.

  2. When you have selected the appropriate students, click Assign.