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Printing Guidance

The Texas Math Solution has been fully customized for Texas teachers and students and is available digitally. This document provides guidance around printing the Texas Math Solution. Click here to download a pdf version.

For support, please email our dedicated Customer Support Team at You can also reach our hlep desk by clicking the "chat with support" icon in the bottom right hand side of your screen, or the "Let's Talk" link at the bottom of the Support Center.


Recommended Components to Print


To best facilitate in-person, synchronous instruction, we recommend printing the following components of the Texas Math Solution:

Course Components

  • Course Pacing Guide - The Course Pacing Guide provides yearlong pacing guidance and the sequence of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the course.

Module & Topic Components

  • Module Overview - The Module Overview describes the reasoning behind the name of the Module, the mathematics being developed, and the connections to prior learning. 
  • Topic Overview - This resource describes how the Topic is organized, the entry point for students, how a student will demonstrate understanding, the importance of the mathematics, and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) covered in the topic.
  • Topic Pacing Guide - The Topic Pacing Guide provides detailed information to help with pacing throughout the Topic, including the number of days for each Lesson, MATHia, and summative assessment(s), as well as specifically calling out the TEKS addressed in each Lesson.
  • Topic Assessments & Topic Assessment Answer Keys - The Topic Assessments directly match the digital interactive Topic Assessments and the Topic Assessment Answer Keys provide TEKS-alignment and correct answers for each assessment question.

Lesson Components

  • Teacher’s Implementation Guides - The Teacher’s Implementation Guides (TIGs) provide detailed facilitation notes to support your planning process. This resource provides point-of-use support that serves as your primary resource for planning, guiding, and facilitating student learning. It is best suited for in-person, synchronous instruction.
  • Printable Student Lessons - The printable student lessons are textbook lessons, designed for use in the synchronous learning environment.
  • Printable Assignments & Assignment Answer Keys - The printable Assignments are designed to reinforce key concepts from the lesson; the Assignment Answer Keys provide correct answers in line for all questions in the Assignment. The Assignment is typically used for homework as it also provides an opportunity for spiraled practice. 

How to Print

Follow these steps to print any PDF component in the Texas Math Solution. Or, you can watch this video for step-by-step instructions: How to Print Carnegie Learning's Texas Math Solution.

  1. Log into the Lesson Materials


  1. Select your class


  1. Select your course, then navigate to the component(s) that you’d like to print


  1. Select the PDF button for the component(s) that you want to publish. Any component of the Texas Math Solution that is available in PDF format can be printed. 


  1. Select the printer icon at the top right. 



Restrictions on Printing

The following are contractual restrictions on printing. 

  • Authorized users may print Carnegie Learning’s Texas Math Solution for non-commercial purposes.

“Commercial” shall mean reselling (whether directly or indirectly, via outright sale, license or otherwise) access to the Texas Math Solution materials. 

  • Authorized users include:

    • Any Texas LEA, school district staff member, private school, private school staff member, teacher, tutor, parent, student and/or resident (whether currently in-state or temporarily outside the state)
    • Any Texas entity and its or their staff or personnel, solely for the purpose of serving Authorized Users noted above
    • Another third-party entity acting on behalf of any of the Authorized Users noted above
    • Carnegie Learning’s Texas Math Solution will be available as printed, consumable textbooks for the 2021-2022 school year.