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Skills Program Guide

The purpose of the Skills Program Guide is to introduce teachers to our new Learning Individually resource, Skills Practice. This guide describes what Skills Practice is, why it is an important component of blended learning, and how to best implement this resource. The following sections describe what is included in the Skills Program Guide.

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Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Algebra I
Algebra II

Our Blend of Learning

This section includes an overview of Carnegie Learning’s blended learning model of Learning Together and Learning Individually. A description of how the two components work in parallel to engage students with various learning experiences they need to understand the mathematics at each grade level. Skills Practice is introduced as a new Learning Individually resource that provides students the opportunity to engage with problems that target each lesson’s skills, concepts, and applications.

Structure and Alignment

This section provides a description of how Skills Practice is organized and aligned with each lesson of the topic. Snapshots of student edition Skills Practice and teacher’s edition Skills Practice are provided. Clarification of “Prerequisite for TEKS” and “Extension of TEKS” language for teachers is located in this section.

Recommended Implementation Practices

This section provides a description of how we recommend teachers use the Skills Practice on the suggested Learning Individually days in the topic pacing guides. This includes highlighting what Skills Practice is versus what it is not in terms of best practices for implementation. Incorporated is how to use data from formative assessment in lessons (such as feedback from small group or whole group discussion, monitoring of small groups or individuals' progress in the lesson, evaluating student work specifically in the Talk the Talk activity or other formative assessment tools used) in order to make decisions about how to assign or use Skills Practice. Tips for planning for a Learning Individually day using Skills Practice is located in this section.

Table of Contents

For each course, this section provides a table of contents that is organized by module and topics. Each Skills Practice by topic begins with the section titles which align to the lesson subtitles of the corresponding student lesson topic. Each section provides teachers with TEKS alignment and description of each problem set available to use as additional support for each lesson within a topic. Teachers should use these TEKS and descriptions to determine which problem set(s) should be used to support individual or group learning environments.